Genuine Apple Part replacement
Phone For Fix is an Independent Repair Provider.

Independent Repair Providers are companies that offer out-of-warranty repair services. These companies have access to Apple genuine parts, tools, training, service guides, diagnostics, and resources to perform a variety of out-of-warranty repairs for iPhone, such as iPhone display, camera, and battery replacements, screen.

At Phone For Fix all repairs using Genuine Apple Parts are conducted by Apple Certified Technicians.

Independent Repair Provider is not an Apple Authorized Service Provider.

Repairs conducted by Independent Repair Provider may be excluded from Apple's warranty and Independent Repair Provider will provide its own warranty coverage for the repair.
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About Us
PHONE FOR FIX provides handphone repair service for any mobile phone problem such as LCD, battery, hardware problem, etc. Our premise is based in Bandar Hilir, Melaka, Malaysia. Exceptional customer service plays a major role in our company as we want customers to feel satisfied when they approach us.
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Durgaah m
Awesome. Got my iPhone 6's housing replaced and battery changed for RM330 (all original parts; battery with 3 months warranty). Nice and talkative young technician behind the desk. He executed the job excellently. Face-to-face repair service.
Marc L
The owner is a very nice person and he gave me a very good advice. He repaired my LCD of my iPhone plus 6. I watched him work and he was very precise. No screw was left behind. highly recommend this repairman/shop to repair your iPhone.
Joe C
Alex is very professional, my iPhone X was water damaged and other place can’t fix my phone but this shop they fix it within a day! And thank god they saved my data too! High recommended!

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